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Alumni Club

What is new at UP? How have the university and its campus changed since your graduation? Where are your fellow students today? Is there something your university can still do for you?

We are proud to introduce our brand new Alumni Club

Are you a former international degree programme or exchange student?

Over the years UP Alumni network consists of international graduates of both English as well as Czech study programmes. No matter which programme you graduated from, if you were an international student (degree graduate or exchange student) please use an English form to register.

(If you have already filled the Czech registration form at our Czech web pages, no need to repeat the registration, but let us briefly know please at: absolventi@upol.cz that you did in Czech.)

Stay with us, we care about you even after your graduation

It was in average 4 years of your life at UP that have prepared you for the next 40 years at least. Let us gather your experience and advice in order to get flourished your alma mater and help its current and future students to succeed in their studies and next professional life. Let´s stay connected as old good friends exchanging information and supporting education - one of the main keys to a successful life.

You can share your reminiscences and experience, upload posts on a notice board or find out where you fellow students are today. We will also send a newsletter to you twice a year.

Share your story with us:

We are interested in your story. Where are you now? How difficult or easy your professional life has been after graduation? Have you always worked within the area of your major studies? Have you reached your career aspirations you had as a student? How much significant was your decision to study in Olomouc, the Czech Republic in your life? Is there something keeping you in touch with the university, Olomouc, the Czech Republic? Etc.

Write us your story:
(Please note that without your approval we will not post any of your written contributions on the web.)

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Happy to invite you to read about the UP Alumni Club!

Join our network and become a member of UP Alumni Club! Get a chance to find old friends, former fellow students, take advantage of various benefits, follow scientific and academic development at UP, read the news and learn about the most interesting events.

Request your Alumni Card - Your Gateway to Alumni Benefits

Taking advantage of your alumni benefits will be much easier with a valid Alumni ID Card. You can apply for the card during your registration or any time in addition. We continue to upgrade and expand the alumni benefits every year.

You can obtain your card when visiting the campus or we will send it to you by post to the address you provide us with in your registration form.

News News in English

A new promotional video titled When I Look Back, I See Olomouc | 16.12.2015

Every year up to 2,500 students graduate from Palacký University Olomouc. Many of them become leaders in their fields. Whether it is the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, law or art studies, our graduates become successful in all these areas. And since most of them have nice recollections of their study in Olomouc we decided to capture a few of them in our new spot. You can watch it here. Do you like it? Please send us a feedback e-mail to absolvent@upol.cz.
UPoint: Centrepoint of the University | 23.07.2015

Since mid-April the university has a new point: UPoint – a place combining a university information centre with sales of school goods… plus good coffee.

“UPoint has a friendly, very informal atmosphere, because UPoint ought to fulfil the requirement of a relaxation centre for both students and academics. They can borrow or buy books here, and have a cup of coffee,” UP Rector Jaroslav Miller declared at its opening.